Introducing: SunTouch WarmWire Electric Floor Warming!

Introducing the latest, and one of the most exciting, additions to the Arley product line: SunTouch WarmWire Electric Floor Warming!

This system combines uncoupling technology and floor warming to eliminate the need for additional subfloor under your tile. SunTouch WarmWire can even be incorporated under your shower tile to heat your shower floor and seat!

What are some additional advantages to this system?
- Wifi compatitble thermostats (included)
- Adjustable WarmWire spacing
- Membrane lays flatter than competition for easier installation
- An average of only 60 cents - $1 in electricity charges incurred per month per 10 SF
- Much more cost effective than the competition
- Can be used to help prevent mold and mildew in showers
- Exceptional warranties for heating wires, thermostats, and heat matrix

For more information, contact your Arley Sales Representative and check out the informational videos on our website: