2019 Arley Regional Expos

This past Tuesday we packed up the expo truck for the final time this year.

It definitely has been a whirlwind over the last few months planning, promoting and executing the events. It took a village to make these shows as successful as they were and we have so many people to thank!

To our customers:

You are the reason we conduct events of this nature and we are deeply grateful for the vast amount of you that attended! We loved being able to interact with you in person and bring our showroom to you! Thank you for being such loyal Arley family members!

To our vendors:

Your travel, dedication and exceptional table setups/demonstrations were an integral part of all four events. Thank you for representing your companies and teaching our customers about the latest and greatest products.

To our employees and sales force:

Thank you for all of your help with everything from constructing the marketing to placing the orders. We were beyond thrilled with the attendance you brought in to each and every show and the insane number of sales that were generated. We wish we could name each one of you here individually but this post would quickly turn into a novel.