dealers advantages

Logistics, Technology and Inventory with more than 85 years of experience

For Arley, dealers are very important. For over 85 years, we have provided professional service, competitive pricing and an extensive inventory to ceramic and tile distributors throughout the Northeast. We have our own distribution centers, fleet of vehicles and a professional team which means a series of  advantageous services for the dealers.

In addition, Arley provides store services such as merchandising, training and sales support that can free up time for dealers to focus on their customers. Arley’s technology at your service provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help dealers manage their businesses more efficiently. 

The Advantages of being an Arley Dealer include access to Arley’s services, technology, inventory and 85 years of experience.

Distribution and logistics

Arley’s distribution and logistics model is an advantage for the dealer. Arley has warehouses and delivery trucks located throughout the East Coast. This eliminates the costly and time intensive use of third-party warehouses and expeditors. In addition, Arley’s customer service team actively follows up on deliveries, helping to resolve problems and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Technology at your service

Arley provides dealers with a number of technology services that can significantly reduce paperwork and streamline customer service, making it easier for dealers to stay organized and ahead of the market. 

Arley offers technologies at the service of dealers such as: the Roomvo floor display, customized digital catalogs, digital catalog APP and an Intranet. This allows dealers to place orders and track orders no matter where they are in the supply chain. 

 Store Services

Arley also provides store services that free up time for dealers so they can focus on their customers. These services include merchandising, technical support and sales and customer service training. In addition, Arley offers marketing support to help dealers promote their business in the most efficient manner. Arley also provides access to point-of-sale materials like signage and displays as well as digital resources like web-based tools and campaigns.

Became a dealer

Becoming a dealer with Arley is a relatively easy process. Ask for more information using the form on the website.