Professionals who are looking to cut tiles quickly, easily and with precision will find that tile saws from Arley present an attractive option. We offer both dry and wet cutting models to meet different types of needs.
Investing in a quality tile saw from Arley is the perfect way to ensure high-quality results.

Wet Saws

Wet tile saws are an effective and efficient tool for cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles, as well as stone tiles. Not only do these saws produce clean and uniform cuts, but they are also designed to cut hard materials quickly and easily.


Dry Saws

iQ Power Saws require no water to cut. This is a #drysaw system that eliminates the need for water, plastic drops and timely setups. Traditional dry cutting creates a mess. All iQ Power saws utilize a powerful cyclonic vacuum system to absorb 99.5% of the dust created. When the jobs finished no need for lengthy clean ups.


How-to videos

We provide you with videos that will help you to use, install and maintain our products

Tile Installation Tools