When you’re ready to install a tile floor, Arley Wholesale will provide the necessary installation materials for a safe, efficient job. Our selection of products will help make your project go smoothly and keep your floors looking great for years.
With Arley’s help, you’ll have all the right materials to complete your installation quickly and correctly.

Self leveling products

The successful installation of a flooring project of any kind begins with the proper preparation of the substrate surface. This includes leveling in order to ensure that a suitable and safe surface is available. It’s essential to undertake this step prior to completing the project, as its performance depends on how well it has been prepared.



Grout is used to fill the gaps between tiles and, depending on the project, two types of grout can be used: unsanded and sanded. Unsanded grout is suitable for gaps that are less than 1/16 inch, whereas sanded grout is better for wider spaces. Also, using different colors and textures can be an opportunity to enhance the aesthetic of any space.

Thinset and Adhesive

Installing tile requires the use of a strong adhesive or mortar. Proper selection and application of these materials is essential to create a secure and long-lasting bond.



A successful tiling job may requires a quality primer for maximum longevity. Primer helps to create a stronger bond between the tile adhesive and surface we are tiling over. It is essential to ensure that all surfaces that need it get adequate priming before any tiling is done.

Contractor Clean up Bags

Contractor cleaning bags ensure a reliable cleaning experience with their huge capacity and thick material.


How-to videos

We provide you with videos that will help you to use, install and maintain our products

Tile and Stone Installation products