It’s essential to carefully choose a subfloor material if you want your flooring installation to last. Having the wrong type of subfloor could cause structural and aesthetic issues, so it is important to pick something that can stand up to wear and weathering.
Some of the most popular materials include decoupling membranes and backer boards. A good foundation layer is integral for promoting a successful installation process.

Uncoupling Membranes

When temperature or humidity changes, tiles and substrates can expand and contract along different rates. Decoupling membranes help to manage these issues by absorbing the movements of the substrate in order to eliminate the transfer of stress, thus preventing loose and cracked tiles.


Backer Boards

Tile backer boards form the base of a wet room, which facilitate a waterproof surface on which to install tiles. By obstructing moisture from penetrating through the tile layers, they grant the key components for building a waterproof setup. As such, it’s essential to use tile backer boards because they will keep it spotless and dry.


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