Team Brandin

We really have an amazing team here at Arley!

Thank you to all of our employees who participated in our Dress Down Day today to benefit the Churmblo family. We ended up raising a little under $900 for our fellow family member Brandi Churmblo and her family (special thanks to Center City Print for getting these special shirts produced so quickly).

To say we have been floored by the generosity of our Arley team and members of the community is a major understatement. The donations have been pouring in from our local community, vendors and even from dozens of strangers throughout our territory (Maine all the way through Florida!). Brandin clearly left his mark on many lives and his soul will live on forever.

It is impossible to put into words how thankful we are to everyone who contributed to our Arley family member and her family during this tragic time. We love you all!